Apple Sets Guinness World Record for App Store Size... Until August

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Time for Apple to clear out some space on its trophy wall! According to the Los Angeles Times, the company has been officially credited with a number of new Guinness World Records for its gaming-related accomplishments.

According to a statement released by the book-makers, Apple now has the "Most Popular Application Marketplace" in the world: more than 6.5 billion downloads, more than 260,000 apps, and more than 61 different ways to digitally fart using one's iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.

We can't make this stuff up.

"The release of the iPhone has not just changed the mobile industry, but the video game world too," said Gaz Deaves, Guinness World Records Gaming Editor, in a statement. "With the never-ending App Store selection and an intuitive device, Apple has created a gigantic new space for itself in the casual games genre that literally brings entertainment to users wherever they may be."

According to the 2011 Gamer's Edition of the Guinness Book of World Records, Apple's iPhone 4 takes top-billing as the world's "Fastest-Selling Portable Gaming System." That's due to analyst estimates that pegged first-day sales of the iPhone 4 at around 1.5 million units: a significant percentage higher than Sony's PSP (200,000 units sold on launch day) and Nintendo's DS (500,000 sold within a week of its November 2004 launch).

Go figure, Apple's also receiving an award for having the largest downloadable video game store. Granted, Guinness is comparing a whole ton of apps that sell for dollars at a time versus services like Valve's Steam, which has around 1,100 titles available for purchase across a wide range of price points. Xbox Live's Indie Arcade numbers around 1,300 titles and the Japanese Virtual Console store for the Wii hits around 600 titles—a mere drop in the bucket compared to the more than 37,300 games one can find within Apple's App Store… for now, that is.

We say that as we do, for recent projections indicate that the Android Market is set to overtake Apple's App Store for the total number of apps offered. The switch from second-place to first should happen sometime around July or August of this year, depending on how growth rates for the two services track out. According to figures from the app store analytics-tracking company Distimo, the Android Market should number around 425,000 apps by August. Growth rates recorded for April of this year put the total number of new Android apps at 28,000 to Apple's 11,000 new iOS apps.

Apple might have a few Guinness World Records under its belt right now, but it might want to rent—not purchase—that trophy case. Times, and App Store sizes, will soon be a'changin.

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