Diablo III Beta Confirmed for Q3 2011, Full Game in 2011 Only if It Doesn't “Compromise on Quality”

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Diablo III coming soon

Our desire for Diablo III has been well-documented, but – for the uninitiated – we would do terrible, terrible things to obtain it. Talking during a movie? In a heartbeat. Eating food that someone's clearly claimed with a Sharpie scrawling of their name? Without a second thought. We might even change lanes without signaling, but frankly, we're not breaking that glass unless an unlikely Skyrim delay emergency pops up. At any rate, the Diablo III beta's now just around the corner.

Blizzard confirmed the news during a recent Activision investor call. In news less worthy of slaughtering a fattened calf and kicking off a celebratory, cow level-themed feast, Diablo III's release date is still artfully dodging any attempt to pin it down. So said Blizzard's Mike Morhaime:

“The game does not have a launch date. We’re working very hard to try and release it this year, but we will not compromise on quality.”

Activision, meanwhile, is operating under the policy of “not expecting a Blizzard game in 2011.” And, if we're being honest, so are we. The beta, however, makes that bitter pill much easier to swallow. Now then, if you'll excuse us, we're off to cram a long, full life into the span of a few months, because – given the circumstances – we won't exactly have time for such frivolous pursuits after that.

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