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With this app you can store SMS templates so you can quickly send them with a couple of taps without the need to type. More than that, it allows you to define variables or parameters which will be prompted in a friendly and easy way just before sending the SMS. The app will prepare the syntax and serve it to be ready for tap and send. Common uses? Many! For example:

  • With your friends and people: to tell you will call back, a birthday salutation, to say you are arriving at any specific time, etc.
  • To recharge or pay your cell phone bill
  • For SMS banking operations
  • For any other kind of SMS-command based systems: prepare fixed SMS syntaxes with variable parameters so you just enter the parameters before sending to perform the desired SMS operation.
  • Or give it the particular usage you desire!

Key features
  • Easy creation of SMS templates
  • Parameters/variables which can be text, number, picklist, datestamp, timestamp or location-stamp.
  • Manage unlimited categories for the templates, with a default SMS number for all
  • Easily tap, fill the variables and send!

Download SMS machine (lite)

Download SMS machine (full)

Lite version limitations:
  • Can only send to single SMS recipient at a time
  • Has Ads
  • Cannot attach GPS location map to the SMS, only coordinates.

More info at

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